Company Profile
JWIPC, For a Smarter World!
Group Profile

Founded in 2011, JWIPC is a solution provider, specializing in product R&D, and manufacture with large scale of procurement. Registered capital of RMB180 million, it is the IoT hardware solutions pioneer, the state-level high-tech enterprises. JWIPC provides very competitive products in different industries, such as OPS, digital signage in IoT; AIO, MINI PC, Motherboard in consumer PC; server, storage, and network security in Data Center.
With such a full product portfolio, JWIPC also provides end-to-end solution to our customers including OEMs, SIs and ISV all over the world.

BU Information
  • Customers BU
    Including Motherboard, Graphics card, AIO and OTT products line.
  • IoT BU
    Business Modules such as Smart Retail, Smart Education, Smart Financial, Smart Office, Smart Industry, Cloud Computing and Server.
  • Network Security BU
    Business modules such as network access, optimization and security.
  • Commucation BU
    Including L3 Switch, L2 Switch, Web Smart Switch and Gateway.etc
JWIPC Advantage
Manufacturing Advantage
It has a production base covering 20,000 square meters with 1200 employees and an annual output of 7,200 K. The factory has a professional management team and first-class production workshop. We have well-equipped structural and electronic production workshops, 11 SMT production lines, 5 DIP production lines, more than 20 assembly lines, professional testing and analysis equipment, high temperature aging rooms, and a large number of professional technicians and production managers. Members, production technology is in the leading level in the same industry.
  • 2000
    A production base covering
    20,000 square meters
  • 1200
    1200 employees
  • 7200
    Annual output 7200K
  • 21
    21 Panasonic Fully Automatic
    High Speed Mounter
  • 36
    36 production lines
R&D Advantage
JWIPC has set up research centers in Beijing, Wuhan and Shenzhen. There are more than 180 high-quality R&D teams (47% of the total number of companies). As a national high-tech enterprise, JWIPC insists on independent research and development, independently creates and undertakes ODM. At the same time, the project has its own brand sold overseas, and has carried out multi-level and all-round technical cooperation with many international famous manufacturers such as Intel, Microsoft, TI, Rickchip and NXP. The company has obtained more than 100 patents for inventions, utility models and appearances. It is planned to have more than 100 intellectual property applications each year.
  • 180
    R&D Dept Members > 180 47% of the total number of JWIPC
  • 180
    Registered capital of 180 million
  • 200
    Annual R&D investment 200 Million
  • 25
    Over 25 years of R&D experience
  • 20
    Numerous product lines > 20 lines
Innovation advantage
JWIPC seized the opportunity of rapid development of the Internet of Things in recent years, and found an innovative model combining its own advantages and technologies in the process of fragmentation of the industry to standardization. JWIPC and its partners have jointly created the OPS module to rapidly popularize the Chinese education industry, OPS, OPS-C, OPS-C+, OPS+, recording and broadcasting, SDM and other innovative standards, and fully cover the intelligent informationization to education, business and other industries. . And won more than ten technical innovation awards issued by the upstream, with strong ability to transform innovative technology achievements.
  • 10
    The annual award > 10
  • 2000
    OPS Total Sales > 2000k
  • 20
    Annual New product development > 20
  • 100
    Company's patent > 100
  • 100
    Annual planned patent application > 100