JWIPC Cloud Office Solution

Date:2017/9/8 12:19:08

   With the development of the enterprise, enterprise IT operation and maintenance management, data decentralized storage security management have become more and morecomplex. Under the new business model, a higher demands of desktop availability, compatibility and security have been required. Traditonal information office model is unable to meet user needs, thereby, cloud office comes into being.Cloud office is an office platform based on the cloud computing application. In the cloud platform, enterprise can edit, store documents, to achieve collaboration, communication and mobile office, thereby reducing costs and achieving efficient and safe office.

     JWIPC Cloud Office solution is a new type of office solution that provides flexible desktop and rapid-reaction capacity for different employees of the enterprise in combination with cloud deskop, cloud storage and server virtualization.The solution is composed of cloud terminal, virtual desktop management, virtual machine management platform and server storage device. Hardware server and cloud terminal equipped with software system to complete the coordination, mobile and efficient business office.

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