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【INVITATION】 JWIPC sincerely invite you to join Computex 2018!
Date : 2018-05-30
From March 31st to April 4th, Intel 2019 Visual Solutions Executive Summit was held at the beautiful Fairmont Princess Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona. Intel brought together global key ODM/OEM vendors to explore and define the future of the visual industry. As one of Intel's most trusted partners, and one of the 18 key visual solution partners in the world, JWIPC attended this summit.
The summit has a more special significance of JWIPC. JWIPC CEO Vivi Yuan, IoT Business Unit Sales Director Anita Yuan, IoT Business Unit General Manager Disco Liu and Jose Avalos, VP of IOT Group and GM of the Visual Retail global business at Intel witnessed the JWIPC OPS sales exceeding 2 million units. Vivi Yuan presented award to Jose Avalos and thanked Intel for its strong support to JWIPC in technology, marketing, sales and supply chain.
Jose Avalos said: “Today, I am very happy and proud. Intel technology has achieved such extraordinary achievements in the field of Chineseeducation. It is inseparable from the efforts of JWIPC and partners. I firmly believe that in the future development of JWIPC, 2 million units are just the beginning.”
In 2011, the OPS standard was just born. JWIPC became the first manufacturer in China to promote the OPS standard with Intel. With the Chinese government begins to promote education informationization, now 80% of the classrooms equipped with OPS educational whiteboards. JWIPC encourages the development of OPS in the education industry. In 9 years, JWIPC has completed a breakthrough from 0 to 2 million, and established its own empire in the education industry with OPS core technology. At the same time, JWIPC is still actively exploring and giving OPS new definitions, bringing new inspiration to more industries.
From the OPS standard to the present, JWIPC has undergone changes from OPS, OPS-C, OPS+, OPS-C+ standards. From electronic whiteboard to OPS recording and broadcasting, JWIPC follows the industry trends, not only creating new forms and concepts of the education industry, but also bringing the powerful technology and opportunities for the education industry.

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