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JWIPC launched the industry’s first RV1109 facial recognition motherboard
Date : 2020-08-11

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JWIPC launched the industrys first RV1109

facial recognition motherboard

Complying with the iteration demand of market product, JWIPC launched the industry’s first RV1109 facial recognition motherboard R19S. With its cost-effective and the capacity of visual processing, to boost upgrade of the facial recognition equipment.


High-performance AI vision processor—RV1109


Ø Dual core ARM Cortex-A7 and RISC-V MCU

Ø 150ms Fast booting

Ø 1.2Tops NPU

Ø 5M ISP with 3F HDR

Ø Up to 3 sensor simultaneous input

Ø 5M H.264/H.265 encoder and decoder

Stronger computing power, Lower power consumption, Higher cost performance


Sophisticated and thin, Super suitability

     R19S adopts 2.5 inch compact design ,which can put into a variety of small terminal equipment easily.


    Support for Linux operating system, onboard DDR4 memory and EMMC storage, optional specification, suitable for different facial recognition application devices and scenarios.

    It supports multiple communication mode, including 2.4G WIFI , 10M/100/adaptive Ethernet. PCI-E interface extensible 3G/4G module and Nano SIM card, which can adapt to internet surfing and calling functions under different network environments.


Rich interfaces, strong expansion performance

   Dual MIPI interfaces, support camera, display screen and other peripheral connections, optimize material cost.

   Support 4 USB2.0, 4 expandable serial ports (1 RS232, 1 RS485, 2 TTL), GPIO, which can meet the requirements of the infrared temperature measurement, card reading function, alarm device and other mainstream peripherals.

   Peripheral debugging is basically completed, can support most peripherals plug and play.



Industrial Level design

Support wide outdoor temperature


Strong compatibility

Adaptive face algorithm

   R19s is designed, tested and manufactured based industrial level materials and industrial level standards.

 The motherboard supports -20~80℃ wide temperature operation. With MCU, the watchdog function can be realized, which can reduce operation and maintenance cost.

      RV1109 supports a series of deep learning frameworks such as TensorFlow / MXNet / PyTorch / Caffe to meet the different needs of developers and adapt to different face recognition algorithms.

R19S Application


Face recognition

Temperature detection


Face recognition Attendance Terminals


Face recognition

Lock & Peephole


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