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Stable Quality, JWIPC Industrial Tablet AIPAD-17KBU
Date : 2020-12-14

Stable Quality, JWIPC Industrial Tablet AIPAD-17KBU

AIPAD-17KBU fanless multitouch industrial tablet adopts ultra thin, noise-free and low power design, and can be used in any system requiring HMI for information input, monitoring or preview.

♦ Wide temperature design, suitable for harsh industrial environment

♦ The excellent industrial LCD display makes the display more realistic

♦ Rich I/O extension function

♦ Support wall mounted, embedded, VESA and other installation methods


Based on Intel 3965U/I5-7200U/I7-7500U CPU, AIPAD-17KBU max support 16GB SO-DIMM DDR4 Memory. Display panel supports capacitive screen or resistance touch screen, modular design makes system upgrade easier. Support 2 x MINI PCIe, WIFI/NFC module expansion. And 3 x Intel  gigabit network ports to ensure the operation of 200W industrial cameras without losing frames.


High Performance processor

Intel 3965U/i5-7200U/i7-7500U high performance processor

AL alloy super cooling

The panel is made of aluminum alloy, which can effectively prevent the screen from scratching in the process of use.

Industrial circulation design is adopted in the machine, which has good heat dissipation, corrosion resistance and no rust.

Shock and vibration resistance

The main board memory adopts the chip type processing, even in the vehicle and severe vibration industrial environment, there is no need to worry about the motherboard loose, to ensure the normal use of the machine.

Industrial level IP65 waterproof

Front panel IP65 waterproof, can be customized according to customer requirements, IP65 comprehensive waterproof and dustproof.


Anti electromagnetic interference

It has good anti electromagnetic interference ability and meets EMC anti electromagnetic interference standard.

Industrial A Type Screen

Industrial A Type LED backlight high-definition liquid crystal display, clearer picture quality, good integration of human-computer exchange interface.

24h round-the-clock operation

Industrial level materials, industrial design and industrial standard make the equipment easy to deal with the severe cold and heat, and operate all day without failure.

Every PC has passed 72h aging test, DC voltage stabilization and electronic load test, touch calibration test and so on.

Strictly implement the product delivery standard system, according to QC standard management control, OQC delivery inspection system.

Customized service

Packaging material customization

OS customization

Working temperature customization

Interface / Module customization








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