Cloud Computing
JWIPC Information management system for Cloud application 
Market Profile
System Components
  • From the hardware deployment of servers and playback terminals to the software platform of the information release system, JWIPC provides a complete JIPS information management system for cloud application solution. Managers can complete system management, material production and playback management by logging into the server platform through mobile phones, tablets, and computers.
Systemic Function
  • The system platform integrates H5 animation, information release, interactive touch, data analysis and query statistics. Using centralized control and unified management, through remote network control and secure transmission, as well as information playback technology, the information is disseminated to the public in the best form.
System Architecture
  • The system adopts an open architecture and concept, and integrates cloud computing, mobile terminals, the Internet of Things, the Internet, monitoring and monitoring equipment and other industries to closely integrate future and real applications to form a new cloud industry ecosystem and create value for customers.

Solution Overview
JWIPC Information management system for Cloud application (SYS-SRN7-IPS : Server + Platform Software+Terminal)
Information Management/Interactive touch/Data analysis
  • JWIPC JIPS Information Publishing System Solution

Hardware Introduction

Advantages of the solution
Easy content production
Content-centric production and publishing platform, similar to PPT operation, simple and easy to use, fully visualized and free to produce interactive touch, animation, data visualization, 3D display and other content.
Interactive application
Complete interactive creation and multi-touch applications through simple settings, support H5 game, interactive forms, comments, likes, voting and other interactive functions.
Componentization & Modularization
One-click application of multiple components such as QR codes, maps, and data tables, and one-click replacement of template content.
Big data visualization analysis
The system supports data statistics, display and analysis. Through front-end equipment, it collects audience information in an all-round way and provides reliable data basis. Based on the big data model, it completes audience analysis, advertising operation, intelligent advertising recommendation, precise scheduling, and improving delivery efficiency.
Intelligent management
Support equipment remote reset, upgrade, and monitoring functions, provide automatic equipment repair functions, support the concurrent operation of millions of equipment, and support equipment operation and maintenance management.