Smart Restaurant
JWIPC Smart Retail System Solution
Market Profile
Industry Challenges
  • High labor cost and low efficiency of ordering
  • In the peak period of dining, the customer churn is high
  • Too many orders in the kitchen lead to slow delivery and poor customer experience
  • There are many stores, so it is difficult to manage the background data effectively
Solution Functions
  • Before dinner: intelligent marketing, digital advertising, games, real-time interaction with customers
  • Ordering: intelligent arrangement to enhance dining experience
  • In dinner: display system standard catering process, faster catering speed, improve customer experience
  • After dinner: collect and count the data in the store through intelligent devices and POS machine
Sales Opportunity
  • System solutions for rapid deployment
  • Latest platform and AI technology to realize intelligent restaurant
  • Create a comprehensive restaurant store management, reduce labor costs, improve customer experience

Solution Overview
JWIPC Smart Retail System for Restaurant application (SYS-SRN8-JSRS : Server + Edge Computing + Network + Software + Terminal)
Information Management/Intelligent Marketing/Data analysis
  • JWIPC JSRS Smart Retail System Solution for Smart Restaurant

Hardware Introduction

Advantages of the solution
Integration Solution
The smart restaurant integrated solution platform integrates advertising drainage, menu display, advertising release, ordering, KDS, self-service order cashier, etc., and can also access POS data for centralized management.
Edge Computing
It depends on the application of edge computing unit to achieve more efficient data analysis
Big data visualization analysis
The system supports data statistics, display and analysis. Through front-end equipment, it collects audience information in an all-round way and provides reliable data basis. Based on the big data model, it completes audience analysis, advertising operation, intelligent advertising recommendation, precise scheduling, and improving delivery efficiency..
Intelligent management
Support equipment remote reset, upgrade, and monitoring functions, provide automatic equipment repair functions, support the concurrent operation of millions of equipment, and support equipment operation and maintenance management.