JWIPC iLearn Interactive Remote Class Solution(Intel MRS)
Market Context
Key Trends
  • Modern technology provides better access to educational resources than ever before
  • Remote learning environments are being adopted by organizations worldwide and are even becoming the standard in areas within Turkey and China
  • IoT applications are being applied to education, with big data storage, transmission and analysis enabling transnational wisdom teaching
Business Drivers
  • In 2017, the market invested over $8B in EdTech companies1
  • It is estimated that China's smart education market will reach 141.2 billion US dollars in 2021
  • Overall, the global EdTech market reached nearly $18B in revenue in 2017, on pace to hit $40.9B by 2022
Sales Opportunity
  • Add their proprietary software to increase solution capabilities
  • Expand the solution by adding additional hardware into the solution, taking advantage of the open, flexible platform
  • The hardware are highly integrated, easy to install and maintain, and equipped with the latest FPGA video capture technology

Solution Overview
Campus video management platform(SYS-SRN5-C : Server + Platform Software)
Video resources/ Live Management/Interactive Management/ Device Management
  • Normal Recording & Broadcasting
    OPS Host
    Teacher Tracking+Stage and students panorama
    Recording and Broadcasting Software
    Automatic Tracking Software
  • Interactive Recording & Broadcasting
    OPS Host
    Teacher Tracking+Stage and students panorama
    Pickup/Audio Module
    Recording and Broadcasting Software
    Automatic Tracking Software
    Interactive Software
  • campus broadcasting
    Control platform software
    Campus broadcast software
Key Capabilities and Features
Enable classroom recording, live broadcasting, and remote real-time communication, enhance classroom experiences
Record and upload to the cloud platform automatically or based on preset configurations, Expand learning opportunities
Ease administrative burden with simplified solution management that optimizes teaching time
Profile student and teacher performance using big data and AI analytics
Hardware Introduction