JWIPC Retail & Vending(Intel RRS)
Market Context
Key Trends
  • Physical retailing began to merge with online
  • The human-machine interface becomes a touch screen and the payment method is digitized
  • The market began to appear RFID sign vending, gravity sensor vending and machine vision vending
Sales Opportunity
  • Add their proprietary software to increase solution capabilities
  • Algorithm acceleration with Movidius artificial intelligence accelerator card
  • Based on Intel's Open Retail Initiative, it facilitates solution deployment, integration and promotion
Application Scenarios
  • Community, Housing Area, Administration Building
  • Traffic Space, Airport, Railway Station
  • Urban Complex, Shopping Mall

Solution Overview
JWIPC Retail & Vending RFP Ready Kit
Identify faces, goods, and pay easily
  • Vending Machine Host
    Gravity-sensing Equipment
    Vending Machine Shelves
    Intel OPENVINO Tool
Solution Advantages
Update the SKU data in the background to update the item
Goods can be discharged in an orderly manner, reducing replenishment time
Large size LCD screen that displays product information and can play advertisements

Hardware Introduction